Knee injury prevention - Netball Australia

Netball Australia (NA) will launch the 
Knee injury prevention for Netballers to Enhance performance and E
xtend play (KNEE).  The KNEE program is a mobile device enabled online web platform that allows athletes, coaches, parents and support staff to access videos, instructions, downloadable resources and programs through the Netball Australia coaching platform.

According to national insurance data, the knee has now surpassed the ankle as the most common injury sustained by Australian netball players.  It is estimated that as high as 25% of all major injuries are attributed to Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury alone.  Not only is  the ACL frequently injured, it is arguably the most costly injury to netballers, resulting in prolonged rehabilitation periods and time away from the sport.  ACL injury has also been a major issue in the NA elite pathway and a major impediment to the development and progression of a significant number of athletes.

The KNEE program has been developed by Diamonds Head Physiotherapist Alanna Antcliff in consultation with other current and former Diamonds support staff  based on the latest research and a review of similar programs that have existed in other sports. The beauty of this program is that it is netball specific and designed to replace the existing warm up prior to training and matches.

Please click the link to view the KNEE program